A Crack in Time


SO………this is some of what I’ve been up to……….I have been working in Photoshop to create some of my own backgrounds & paper to use in my artwork.  I am currently working on a swap called ‘Cracked World’ which is basically anything so long as it is using crackle medium.  I was gifted with a used calendar that had old fashion style images on it, so I thought of the idea of a series of various styles & eras of fashion, each of them being a ‘crack in time’  Here are the backgrounds that I have created, using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator, & an old calendar & some text from a book.  I have a busy week out & about at night apart from work, but I will hopefully have the ATC’s ready to post soon, so that you can see how I use the paper.Chalked_in_atc_backgrounds_9_colours

In preparation for ARTfest March 2007 I am creating some box assemblages & some other bits & pieces, I will let you know of my progress through the week.  Write & let me know when my blog helps or inspires you……………its a very silent world out there!!!! lol!!!

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