Cartalogue_town_planning_webIf I there is one comment that I have had reflected back to me during my life time over & over it would be that I am ‘intense’.  When I was much younger, this hurt my feelings.  It left me thinking that I needed to be something different to be ‘socially acceptable’.  As I have grown older, & begun to understand myself better, I understand that it is my intensity that enables me to see the fine detail in things, to see nuances in colour, to articulate my feelings & make accurate observations of things.  It is also the thing that enables me to look past when something currently is, to what it could be.  I have grown to understand it as the ‘shadow’ side (& sometimes taxing side) of the creative me.  Intensity exilerates an artist.  It is the passion that births the drive to create & is at the conception of all creations, regardless of their eventual outcome – good or average.

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