12. The Seed of a Creation


Most people in a natural sense, understand the laws of sowing & reaping.Power_of_food_pear_web  You plant pear trees, you get  pears.  You cannot plant the tree then leave it to it’s own destiny to mature as a high yeild tree.  A farmer would be thought negligent (if not stupid) if he/she planted trees, left them for the year & came back expecting a crop.  In order to produce a crop the tree needs water, nutrients, tending, pruning & protection from the elements that could endanger it’s survival.

The thing that most people fail to realize that it is relevant for all of life.  You can’t create out of an empty void.  You need to ‘water’, ‘feed’, ‘tend’, ‘prune’ & ‘protect’ your creativity.  Let me explain:

WATER – water is life giving & sustaining, it can bring instant relief………a tree or plant can be wilted & looking ordinary, however with water, in just a few hours, it can be revived, leaves perked up & lush again.  We touched on this a couple of weeks ago, can you identify what it is that ‘waters’ your creativity?  As I said, for me it is something visually inspiring, & a simple way I can facilitate that is with beautiful books & shopping.  I can be devoid of all inspiration, & see something that is inspiring & that induces a creative flurry I can’t ignore.

FOOD – seeing other artist’s work, going to art shows, learning new techniques, all feed your ability to create………not to emulate……….but to provoke you to new heights…..to challenge what is, & inspire you to what could be.

TEND – sometimes we need to ‘tend’ our creativity by accepting where we are right now, not being TOO hard on ourselves. I tend to be a ‘pusher’ (LOL!!! like you haven’t realized THAT already!?!?!) but sometimes I need to be kind to myself……& accept that not EVERY piece of work is going to be a ‘Mona Lisa’. The fact that I am creating means that today could be the day that she appears!!!

PRUNE – I cannot tell you how highly I value TRUE constructive critism. Darling Jenene graciously encouraged me on Monday about my watercolours, which apart from pears & leaves (which I seem to be doing ok at) look pretty lame at the moment. She gave me some helpful tips & ideas of how to move forward…….I am not sure that I am doing any better yet, but I have some new ways to move forward (LOVE the rock salt effect J!)


PROTECT – Having just said that I open myself up to criticsm, by the same token, you cannot be swayed by ‘naysayers’. ‘Every person with a new idea is thought to be struck with moon shine madness’ (says Gilbert to Anne as she pioneers being a woman author – Anne of Green Gables) Recognise who are people that have opinions you can respect & accept as ones put forth in the interest of your growth as an artist. Although you will hear others, don’t give them the same ‘weight’ of credibility or importance. As a visual communicator, (see earlier ‘thoughts’ for the explanation of this) I cannot stress enough the importance of ‘protecting’ your imagination. What you fill your ‘vision’/’sight’/’eyes’ with is what will occupy your mind. I CANNOT watch movies with gory, bloody scenes, or grotesque figures….it fills my mind & I have no room to create beautiful things. It occupies my thought life & prevents me from sleeping……….not good.

In short, few people are artists by natural talent alone, it is a combination of spark & fire & hard work that creates masterpieces, and much ordinary work is produced along the way. Go, enjoy life, create….!@

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  1. thanks for your great post(s) here!! I put off my dreams for so long, now I am almost 40 and I will not(can not) put it off any longer!! I want to create, and I am slowly getting over my fear of not being “good enough” and instead just doing it. I look forward to returning to your blog and thanks again:)

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