Evidence_flag_front_web Here is my latest ‘RR travelling art journal (if you don’t know what that means, there is an explanation at the bottom of the catagory, click in the sidebar at the left where it says ‘Travelling Art Journal Project’ & it opens all of the entries about the journals from when I started with Typepad in Oct) This journal is titled ‘Somewhere in Time’ & many of the entries to date are ofEvidence_tag_1_front_web  vintage images & places & I was trying to come up with something a bit different different.  I came across an image of a painting of ‘blackbeard’ in an old National Geographic from the ’80’s & it prompted me to follow a pirate theme.

This journal is quite small compared to others that I have worked in (this one is approx 4" x 6") & MUCH smaller than my own art journal – 11" x 9" where I do my ‘mock ups’ & try out my idea for the page, hence this was a bit of a challenge.  I started by covering both pages with Sandylion Treasure Map paper.  Although I intended to stick other images over it, I wanted a ‘lighter’ feel than the black of the journal pages.

After a good ‘spritzing’ with gold & umber water wash (some paint diluted with water in a small spritz bottle)  to age the page a little I stuck on the images I had sourced on a ‘shipwreck’ & pirate them.  I pulled them together with the text ‘story’ of the capture of ‘The Sea Devil’ & cap’n Rubin Roberts.  The galleon is a 3D stick on from Jolee’s.  It was a bit cutsy, but some wax & some aging with ink made it a bit more presentable.  It was actually quite an expensive way to get a ship, & if I were a better ‘drawer’ I could have made one myself out of papers, however, this is what people who are ‘drawingly challenged’ have to resort to! I made several tags & trinkets & tied them into the journal on the spiral rings.


Evidence_map_front_web Evidence_tag_2_front_webEvidence_tag_2_web

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