Painting Tin


Woo Hoo………….what a great day………today, after a 3 month break due to Christmas & summer holidays, I got together with our regular art pals for a day of food, wine & art………….actually, it was too hot to drink much.  It has been so hot & muggy in Melbourne for the last week or so.

It has really been too hot to be doing much new art lately, my studio can get quite uncomfortable, & not at all conducive to creativity when the weather is hot & humid.  I have been working on catching up & finishing off work in my art journal, painting some watercolour pears as gifts & working on my pirates page in the RR journal I have at the moment.

Today we worked on some tins I picked up late last year at a good price, that were a good shape, but they were REALLY ugly.  I always end up with all sorts of bits of cuttings on my table after finishing a project, which I often use when I am making ATC’s & I always need something to collect them in.  So this is what I made my tin for.  I will probably embellish the sides and bottom at least a little, but for the moment, here is the top of the tin.  It is approx 11" wide x 10" long x 2" high.  I have used a combination of imagery, scrapping paper, rub ons, old music (thanks Jenene) & rubber stamped images.  The disk in the centre is a piece I picked up in the car park of a local plumbing supply company which has perfect verdigris tones for this project.


The tins were shiny & printed, so first we painted them with ESP (Easy Surface Preparation – available from paint stores) let that dry for the recommended 90 minutes, then painted them with acrylic paints. (various brands) This was the backdrop, then each of us collaged them with various themes & styles.  There were 6 of us today & all of the tins were completely different.  Julia’s was a dramatic blend of black & cream decorated with a gorgeous Indian Ink dragonfly, Jenene’s & Abby’s also had dark backgrounds.  Jenene’s is going to use her’s for her watercolour paints, so she decorated it with pears (my fav) & a handpainted colour wheel set in a raw umber background……… had a Carravaggio look about it.  Abby chose a ‘stormy sea’ graphic that set the tone for her tin which was done in Umber & Celedon blue.  Noelene did some interesting work on her tin in Rust & soft green….using Basic Grey Aged & Confused papers………just delicious.  Lynne was the only one that chose softer tones to go with her lounge colours of coffee & cream.  She used soft muted pink, cream & green in a ‘Shabby Chic’ style.  A great job girls………..thanks for your company. 


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