Pears turned into Leaves


Leaves_webPerhaps there is hope for me, I have been released from my pear obsession, only to be overtaken by leaves!!!  There honestly is no hope for  me………I am a bower bird destined to create from the beauty I see in things.

We had an extended family BBQ yesterday at a local reserve & it was intolerably windy.  My job was to sheild the babie’s faces from the grit & bits flying around as lunch was being cooked & sorted.  (with 3 babies in the extended family, under 7 months old, we need ‘baby minders’ LOL!!!  Needless to say, I am always a willing volunteer)

Serendipidously, a gorgeous coloured gum leaf, with rich russet & wine tones blew onto the picnic rug.  OF COURSE, I was instantly captivated (gosh, listen to me…….. I was complaining about a messy husband last week………I sound like a loony!!  LOL!!)……..SO the hunt was on!!  I started a ‘leaf expedition’, there were 7 adults & 9 children ranging from 3 – 14 looking for interesting leaves for me to paint!!!  It was a bit like a congo line, people kept asking us what we had lost!@!!  So for better or worse, here is my first attempt at a leaf………..the green one on the bottom is a bit wierd, but it does look like that in life………….it probably needs a magical touch from Abby or Jenene or Julia.  (can’t wait to see you girls!)  Ab says I need them grounded, however, I think if I fiddle with them trying to create a shadow, I’ll just stuff them up……….so they are ‘floating leaves’, just how the first one found me!  LOL!!  there are some family pics below.

L_w_glasses_on_1 Toby_hangin_with_grandad_2 Nicole_l  Toby_at_9_weeks

here’s some pics from yesterday…….Princess ‘L’ in her requisite sunnies, Toby Caleb hangin’ with Grandad, our eldest daughter ‘Cole & Princess ‘L’ & Toby all tuckered out after a big afternoon.


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  1. Keron, considering these are your first attempts at watercolour, I think you are doing fantastic. Keep it up girl. 7 more sleeps till be catch up 🙂

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