And I USED to be such a competent homemaker!!!  Last night my dear art friend Abby & I had a Domestically_disabled_waif_web_1 session & I had to admit that yes, indeed, there has been dry clean washing in my bathroom ‘to be’ since November.  I am married to an exceptionally talented guy, who spends his work life executing the amazing plans we come up with for people’s home renovations.  Although he has the ability, he just doesn’t have the heart when it comes to our own home.  He’s just too tired he says………….in fact the ‘bathroom to be’ has just a toilet & a vanity in it………we extended our home about 18 months ago, and this has not been completed.  If I murmur or complain, people just ‘tut tut’ & say something like ‘yes, yes, its the story of the mechanics car’ (for those that don’t know it, it is the mechanic’s car that always breaks down)  It is increadibly frustrating living with someone that ‘could’ finish things (so I am not able to spend money on paying someone to do this), but doesn’t!!!   And so I live, somewhat sorted, somewhat messy, and just accept that this is how it is…………I wonder what it is like for him living with someone who gets excited about the tone of an autumn leaf & will stop to pick up a piece of disgarded paper in the street?

In October last year, he pulled out the insides of our wardrobes to make them better. (of course the new wardrobes that went in as part of the extension, have never actually been finished on the inside either!)    He assured me that before he embarked on this exercise of ‘wardrobe renovation’ that the new ‘inner drawers’ were already to assemble and could be changed over in a day.  On that basis we proceeded.  The wardrobes were pulled apart, the drawers (that didn’t fit) were made, and ever since, I have no ‘wardrobe inards’.  Domestically_disabled_flapper_web GGGGRRRRRRR men!!  My new wardrobe drawers (that don’t fit) are stacked in a lovely tall pile in the workshop that looks like a block tower belonging to Princess ‘L’……. & so, I limp on, domestically disabled, with NO WHERE to put clothes & linen away.  I AM comforted by the fact that there have been others through the ages that have been the same way……. meanwhile…… I continue to obscess over watercoloured pears, not really creating a whole lot more than that…(other watercoloured creations are not really looking that good…….. and in keeping with my story on ‘failing’ I am ‘fessing up to some PRETTY ORDINARY attempts at berries & some rusty locks.  (I don’t have time to scan them this morning) I am working on a ‘pirate’ project in a journal from the Paper Traders Round Robin Journal project and there are tiny little sprigs of pear twig growing out of the ‘quick’ of my finger nails!  Why would I worry about washing when I can create beautiful things……….mmmmmm……….I USED to be a competent homemaker, now, I am, and will probably continue to remain, domestically disabled!!!


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