Filligree_pear_webClassic_pear_webArts_crafts_pear_web WELL……..AS PROMISED (Thoughts to provoke creativity No.6)…Here is my PURPLE PEAR!!!  It is done in watercolour & Indian Ink pens on thick chalky watercolour paper.  Once I had done one………I was bitten by the ‘Pear Bug’ and I have been painting & decorating pears for days.  I have ‘loosely’ drawn on styles of ornament from various periods to come up with the decoration & have penned these in, some are stamped as well.  (I created a ‘mask’ to stamp them after I had painted them) Some of these I will use for the QUEEN of SWAPS (more info in the side bar) ‘I found it in my Garden’ swap, I will keep some & trade others.  If you would like to trade one, email me & let me know.  I am working on apples now, I am struggling a bit more than I did with the pears getting the shading right, but I think with some more trial & error (hmmmm…..lots of errors!) it will come together……..(or else, I will ask my accomplished watercolourist art buddy Jenene [who paints watercolours that look like photos] to interveen when I see her next!! LOL!!)  Egyptian_pear_web Filligree_pear_in_sepia_web Art_nouveau_pear_webHindu_pear_webA_pear_defined_web


On the Pear that is green with the flower on it (I call it Arts & Craft Pear) I used a new stamping ink pad from Brilliance called ‘STARLITE BLACK’ it has a gorgeous metallic pewter look and I know it will become one of my favs. in time.  love it, love it, love it…….


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  1. Keron you underestimate yourself, they are beautiful pears, cant wait to see them in the real, I would love to trade with you, that is if I have something you would like, I best get busy :-!

  2. Keron, you certainly are mastering watercolouring, I just love these pears, especially the Classic & Arts & Crafts one….if they were available for trade, just wish I had something worth trading!

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