HOW DID IT GET TO BE FEBRURARY ALREADY???? My life is flashing before my eyes like a Merry-Go-Round….it seems to go faster as you get older………how wierd is that?  It seemed like only a minute ago we were eagerly awaiting Toby’s birth, & he came, then Christmas & I was counting the sleeps until holidays…….and they too (sadly), have come & gone.

* continue to inspire others creatively (thanks for the encouraging feedback
* work on some o/s ATC swaps coming up (Under Lock & Key; A Cracked World (using crackle medium);
* work on my local ATC swaps (In the Garden & The Objects of My Affection)

at LEAST 3 art pieces out of my comfort zone (this usually entails painting & drawing for me)
* an art day with my buddies
* some art journal work both in my own journal the ‘travelling journal’ I recieve from my Round Robin project.

PRINCESS ‘L’ is 7 months old in a week………she is doing the ‘commandoContemplating_toes  crawl’ and is really only a week or so off crawling properly, getting used to rice cereal (knowing there are better things that this to come…..she has tasted ice cream!!).  She is SO vocal, her favourite noise is a tiger growl that she makes in response to her bib with a tiger on it, or her tiger chew toy.  No sign of teeth yet, but no doubt they will come in time. Here is a pic of her on the couch with ‘Pa’, contemplating her toes (which miraculously, she can put in her mouth!).   TOBY CALEB is starting to settle a bit better, though not without many sleepless nights & frustrations for mum & dad. He is smiling & starting to coo & respond to you as you talk to him.  He is SUCH a little sweetie (spoken like a true NONNA!) He is still growing heaps & yes, his hair is in need of a cut it is so long!  Here is a pic of our gorgeous boy smiling at mum as he has a bath.

Smiling_in_the_bath On the subject of children & babies, in looking for a pic for earlier posts about Miss Potter, I found the UK web site of her work…….it is GREAT.  Well worth a look & some good downloads for kids as well. (that’s where the calandar ‘header’ came from)


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