Green_feb_challenge I have decided in the name of ‘provoking Creativity’ to challenge YOU, (& myself) to do something each month that is a bit different.  It doesn’t matter what size, or what form/format as long as it can be scanned or photographed.  Me & my band of trusty art pals will pick a winner from everyone that emails me with a scan/photo of their work, based on the most creative interpretation of the idea. 

THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE IS TO:  Create a piece of work using the colour family GREEN (of course it is predictable that my first challenge would include green, it is my fav. colour).  (this could be ATC’s, watercolour piece, canvas, journal page, etc)  Scan or photograph it & email the pic to me using the link on the side.   EMAIL SUBJECT LINE MUST BE FEBRUARY ART CHALLENGE.  Entries close on 25th Feb, so that your prize can arrive around 1st March.  The prize will be a mail bag stuffed with interesting collage materials of all different sorts.

The piece above is from a page in my little art journal that is making it’s way around the world called ‘Les Reputation des Tients’ (French for [loosely] the Name of Colour).  I used domestic paint colour chips as the subject matter for each page.  This one is from the ‘Russett Pear’ (by Wattyl Paints) page, which has been one of my fav. decorating colour for years.  I have used delicious Golden Acrylic Paints in Yellow Green, on 600 gsm watercolour paper.  The combination of shiny paint & chalky paper is intoxicating! 


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