Birthday_boyEric Maisel advocates that it is your relationship with yourself that determines your creativity & to some degree, this is true.  You are both the student & the teacher, a resource of yourself.  You can have all the supplies in the world, but if you don’t actually use them & create anything, well, you still only have supplies!  An art shop has those! 

I find that my relationships with others also help my creativity.  (thanks ABBY,LYNNE, JENENE, JULIA & NOREEN) I have a group of ‘art buddies’ that I meet with about once a month or so & I always feel invigorated (creatively) & inspired after a day together.  No one is the teacher or student, we all contribute………we each add our flavour to something that another is creating & it makes a difference.  We share techiques & materials & it is ALWAYS fun rummaging in someone else’s stash!  I find the informality of it (ie we are not making Birthday_girla specific project) gives me a creative boost & I miss it terribly when we don’t have one for a while.

Our ‘Play Days’ (as we call them) don’t happen by accident though………it takes planning & a committment to set the time aside (which is sometimes the most challenging part), but it is ALWAYS worth it.  Who do you/can you art with?  If you don’t already, make some ‘on purpose’ art friends that you can create with.

I also cannot underestimate the value of my online relationships, they add to my abilities, introduce me to products & ideas across the world & enhance my creativity.  I am privileged to be able to exchange art, ideas & challenges with them across the world, I am going to dedicate the whole next topic on this subject, so more about this L8r (SMS talk for later) 

The artwork shown are ATC’s that I have created as ‘Birthday cards’ for Art friends, they are titled ‘Birthday Boy’ (top) & ‘Birthday Girl’ (bottom).


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