Sometimes, because as adults we have lived a little, because we have experienced critism, failure & disappointment…………we are not confident to try.  I am guilty of this.  Shaun McNiff, in his book ‘Trust the Process’ says that ‘the strongest cultural inhibition to creative expression is the theory that The_impossible human beings develop from lower (less sophisticated) to higher ones (more complex).’  He infers that through the process of aging we intrinsically leave behind the ‘skills’ of our childhood.

Although it can be observed that art created by a child can be primative in form & structure, but the imagination & spontaneity that they create with, leaves most adults way behind.  Children use colours that they like, rather than trying to represent reality (guilty); children paint shapes without obsession (guilty); the forms that children create in are characterized by fluid movement (not quite as guilty here!).

TODAY…….I am going to paint a purple pear!  OR……a green orange!  How bizzare……….the very thought of it seems wrong! (actually, the only reason you know my orange is an ORANGE is because of the colour………..hmmmm……….I could be in all sorts of trouble Peter_rabbithere!!! LOL!!)

ps We LOVED Miss Potter………..a good clean family film.  What a delight!

The illustration is an ATC titled ‘The Impossible’ & is part of a series I did after Rosa Parks died titled ‘The World is Better because They Said……’  This one is Walt Disney, literally at the drawing board at the inception of Mickey Mouse.


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