Practising what I am Preaching


Berries_1_web_1 So, here’s me, ‘stuck’.  In my worklife at the moment, I am learning a new accounting package (gr……oan)& doing lots of data entry, pickingMiss_potter_1 up the loose ends from 2006 & setting direction for the new year.  None of these things is inspiring me creatively.  SO, following my own advice, I got out my watercolour pencils last night (my hands were just tooooooo tired to do any more data entry) & commenced work on some berries.  I know that they are a bit lame, but I REALLY enjoyed doing it & working with this medium.  It is really ‘light’ (if that makes any sense) It’s a bit unforgiving, (if you look closely, you’ll see blotches) however I think with some practise, I could get the hang of it.  I predict there will be quite a resurgence in watercolour work, generated by the  release of ‘Miss Potter’ the film about the life of Beatrix Potter & her stories & The_country_diary_of_an_edwardian_lady_c_1paintings.  I noticed while we were away on hols (and had time to ‘cruise’ book shops) that there were several ‘how to’ style books for that style of painting in store as well as HEAPS of new releases of Beatrix Potter stuff, & (interestingly) republishing of ‘A Country Diary’ (I still have my original one from the early ’80’s….although it was originally published over 100 years ago). It is made up of English country styled watercolours & was big in its time.  Jess & Princess ‘L’ & I are off to see Miss Potter tonight, (I hear from reviews that Renee Zellwieger does an amazing job playing the lead role) we have been hanging out for it to be released!  It should be fun!


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