5. Artists BLOCK


Each person that ‘arts’ in any way, shape or form, has their own unique creative timeline or time clock.  Some people (my art friend Abby is a bit like this) like to work away steadily & neatly from start to finish.  Others delay til the last minute & the adrenaline burst that occurs from the pressure of a looming deadline (either real or self imposed) boosts them into a tumultuous season of creativity.  Others begin well, but hit a wall somewhere in the process which prevents them from finishing.

Travels_3_web No matter what your style is, obsticles are intrinsically part of the creative process.  Most of us feel uncomfortable with this feeling & so often when a project gets like this it joins our UFO file (un finished objects), because when we think of it, we associate the feeling of being ‘stuck’ with it, and it makes us feel uncomfortable.  The discomfort we feel is actually the wellspring of new creativity, we just don’t recognize it for what it is.  As we ‘live with’ something we are stuck on, new ideas can form and the whole project may head in a totally different direction as a result of it.  Being ‘stuck’ isn’t bad, you just have to learn to be able to live with the feeling that it creates in you and learn to associate it with the creativity process as opposed to associating it with that particular piece of art.Usa_1990_web

Take out something that you have left unfinished, get out a material that you don’t usually use & apply it to the piece. (REMEMBER………….NOT EVERY piece of work that you do will be a ‘Mona Lisa’….you have to allow yourself permission to ‘muck’ something up, so that you can explore & learn new things) Now add something you like to use & are familiar with…….alternate the two back & forward & experience drawing yourself out of being ‘stuck’

the piece above are folds (5" x 5") from a 5" x 20" fold out deco I made for my DH for our anniversary.  It is a collage of our travels & I made it to go with a large wire model of the Eiffel Tower.  I initially used a palette of colours in acrylic, I used spack filler & wax to create a little dimension.  I had collected some antique postcards that I wanted to include, so they went into the mix.  Embellishments include metal pieces, rub ons, stamps, wax & oil pastels, & antiquing wax.  As I was working on the outside of the deco, I said something in passing about it to my DH & he kind of blew it off with a ‘that’s nice dear’ attitude.  His lack of enthusiasm TOTALLY aborted my joy for the project……..I abandoned it & I didn’t pick it up again for about 6 months.  (He got driving lights for our anniversary instead)  One (out of 5) section from the inside is pictured above, the piece below is from the outside……..finished later……..but I never really liked how it turned out!  (I never really feel comfortable working with blue & the cool colour palette, I always feel ‘blue challenged!’)


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