4. Go WILD


‘Wildness is part of the process.  So is care.  Each exists imperfectly without the other.’ Eric Maisel

Some times, we get so caught up in trying to create the perfect thing, that we create nothing.  At times we need to be less inhibited.  In my holiday reading one author suggested that you ‘art’ in the nude to release you inhibitions………..I am not sure that I am TOTALLY comfortable with that….but using new or different materials, changing the light in your play space, arting at a different time of the day, or making some other deliberate change to how you normally create can produce some Cartalogue_in_two_minds_web_1 interesting results.  When you are creating today, put on some music……..if you normally listen to soft relaxing music, put on something a little more up tempo, if it is the other way around for you………..consider some rock or pop music for a change of style…….

The illustration is a piece I created for the PT cARTalogue swap, it is made on a recycled 3" x 5" library index card)

Wellll………..did you do it?  Did you make a change?  What were the results, did the ‘chaos/wildness’ cause you to create something different to your usual style?  Did it change the colours you were drawn to?  How did it impact you?  Do you like what you created?


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  1. Totally understand the artist block, had one today at Painting class, I think coming up with the subject is the difficult part. I love your cartalogue in two minds, great colours, love the affect. Keep up the creative thought, very interesting.

  2. thanks Kels……mmm nude I thought, I’d get distracted by my flabby bits! LOL!……..shudder….
    PT card was an experiment, I found the image in one of my daughter’s nursing journals, & I loved the colours of it. When I did the ‘library index’ card project (link on my blog about it) I wanted to still be able to see the origins of the original card, so was looking for a transparent option. I immediately thought of a packing tape transfer….but no tape was wide enough for the image, so what I did was use clear ‘contact’ book covering plastic, & it worked ok. The contact was a little more cloudy, and the finish was more matt instead of shiney like packing tape……but it still worked ok.

  3. Hmmm, don’t think I could do the “nude” thing either Keron!!! lol
    Absolutely love what you did with the card for the Paper Traders swap…..just gorgeous!

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