3. What is more important to you?


"We can have the thing OR the space it occupies. We can have the activity OR the time it takes to do it. We cannot have both"  unfortunately I can’t credit this to it’s originator, I don’t know who said it……..but HOW TRUE IT IS……..perhaps is it another take on ‘You can’t have your cake & eat it too’  How often, we want our cake AND want to eat it! 

Glass_darkly_web I want a clean house, & everything in my life ordered, but I also don’t want to spend the few hours that I have when I get home after work cleaning & keeping house!  I want to eat a nutritious, heart friendly, low cholesterol, low GI, hunger sustaining meal, that doesn’t require me to go to the supermarket after work, doesn’t take longer than 15 mins to prepare, and doesn’t produce mess or dishes to make it!  (so that I don’t have to waste time after dinner on cleaning up dishes when I could be in my studio)

I guess at the end of the day, I have somewhat made peace with a certain level of mess………..as I have always said….’No one is going to come in the night and steal your housework/ironing/cleaning…..it will still be there tomorrow,’ & your artisitic & creative inspiration may not, it is not so easily quantified.  There is not a ‘trophy’ for continually having a sparkling clean house, sadly, no long-service leave, or often even recognition for the work you do………so I figure that if I have a great session creating something that gives me pleasure, recharges my batteries & makes me feel good, and the cost for that is that the washing gets left behind, the washing can be caught up, but the creativity can’t necessarily recaptured.

Other art friends often comment on the volume of my art output.  We have no children at home anymore, however I do run a business & often work out of hours & bring work home.  The thing that I have found that makes a difference is having a studio space & working at my art everyday, even if that is only sorting or cutting out collage materials.  This means I can paint something, or stamp or emboss something if I only have a short amount of time, I can leave projects on my work table with out them being disturbed, or just leave a mess created from my ‘hunting & gathering’ without it impacting anyone else.

Gro-an, I here you say. You have no room for this?…..I have only had a studio for a year, for the first time in my life.  It is sensational, I have to admit, however when I didn’t have it, I used various methods of storing things to enable me to be prepared if I only had a short time working.  One way that worked well for me was ‘project boxes’ (perhaps this is the origin of my ‘hunting & gathering’ method). (I still do this) I would gather my ‘bits’ in a box for whatever I was working on & had a sturdy shoe box that had my art basics in it.  I used these in conjunction with one of those shallow ‘tubs’ you can roll under your bed for shallow storage.  Mine was about 800mm x 600mm (32" x 20") When I had some time to create or work on a project I could easily get the tub out from under the bed, work in the tub, then put it away again without too much trouble.  I did in time graduate to a small space about 1500mm x 800mm (45" x 32") at the end of our tiny little study.  (this is when I started working on ATC’s, they were small & didn’t need a big working space).  I guess the thing is, there are lots of things to keep us from our art, and lots of reasons why we don’t/can’t create……….I encourage you to ON PURPOSE………make reasons & a place or way for you TO CREATE.

(pictured above is a mixed media 8" x 8" block sided canvas I completed as a special gift for my dear friend Lynette)


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