What’s in a Name?



We were sitting around with our (grown) kids after we came back from holidays & as two of them now have children of their own, they are very interested in stories and detail of their ‘babyhood’ & things they did as a small child.  Some how or another the conversation got to names & our son (pictured Toby_daddy_web_1here with his son, Toby) asked how he got the nick name ‘George’, (something only his father has ever called him).  I told them both that it was the name that we had for him ‘in utero’ before he was born & we Name_detail_webdidn’t know his gender.  George/Georgina…….it worked…….any ways, that mystery solved, a name like that is emerging for Princess ‘L’.  I put a panel with her name & its meaning in the centre of her cot quilt,  my daughter saw it in passing & asked, “Why did you write ‘light & creamy’ on Ellie’s quilt?”  Bemused, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant, but then realized she had mistaken ‘light (Eleanor) & mercy’ (Grace) for ‘Light & Creamy’……between ourselves, we have been calling her Miss Light & Creamy ever since!  I wonder if they will be sitting around in years to come trying to work out where THAT name, & its subsequent derivatives came from!

Comfort_quilt_webMy foray with cot quilts before Christmas has provoked me to rekindle some of my quilting skills. Though of course I didn’t NEED to – I while we were away I bought a few fat quarters of fabric (1/2 metre of fabric, cut in half…so it is not quite square as the fabrics are about 110/115cm wide….so it becomes a FAT quarter).  I think that I will start a new quilting project, it is trying on my hands which are over worked on computer during the day, so I expect it won’t be anything terribly complicated.  DH & I are POLES apart on body temperature, so I often use a throw rug or quilt, so I don’t mind having a few more around.  While we were watching the cricket (oooppps….I am not sure whether I have ever let that slip……….I am a MAD KEEN cricket fan!) I finished the binding on a quilt that has been sitting in the attic for ages…I machine sewed one edge on it a few months before Christmas, & I started handsewing it down, but didn’t get much done.  In the last week 3 different people who were visiting have picked it up & gone to use it, I had to stop them as it was still pinned.  TIme to finish it, me thinks………so last night I did.  Here it is. 


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