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Diary_front_2007_with_rub_ons_web_2 greetings from my creative space to yours…….thoughts & images here range from art & creativity, techniques, show & tell, successes & failures….to family & baby news & travel.  Grab yourself a cuppa, & have a look around.  At the side there is a list of catagories which house archives, each of my previous posts is allocated to one subject or another. So that’s the place Tea_with_miss_caryle_miss_clark_web_1
to click if you’d like to catch up on something in particular.  My pre Sept 06 art is housed at Blogger, & the link to that is at the top of the list of ‘Places to Ponder Art’.  In 2007, I want to ‘mentor’ creativity in fellow artists, knowing full well that I will grow & evolve in the process, so I have commenced a new catagory called
‘THOUGHTS TO PROVOKE CREATIVITY’  I hope that you find this encouraging & welcome your comments & feedback.

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