Although I have PLENTY more travel stories, but there are other things to get on with…………3 weeks without blogging & a bit of time on my hands has left me wanting to be constantly writing LOL…….it is lightly raining in Melbourne this morning which is a nice retreat from the heat of the past few days.  As I retrieved the wet mail I lamented over my once glorious cottage garden that is now mostly dead, spindly trees & bushes that look like stick insects & weeds…..that seem to be the only thing prospering, despite the drought!  Over the past 3 years I have lost beautiful rhododendrons, magnolias, we planted 12 advanced Silver Birches, only 2 survived………the list of casualties is long….50+ year old trees that line Melbourne are dying, the lush english lawn in the city gardens is to be replaced with a course drought resistant variety….water shortage where ever you look…….it is just so dry here.

When we left Melbourne for our holidays just after Christmas, we were under a cloud of smoke from the bushfires that have been burning in the Alpine region for some time now.  When we arrived at Tasmania, we enjoyed the lush green everywhere.  We were amused at the ‘Taswegians’ fears of being on Stage 1 water restrictions…..(Melbourne is on Stage 3, with water storage at about 38% of capacity & Stage 4 restrictions looming & many outer lying regional areas have been on Stage 4 for some time).

As we travelled around the North Eastern areas, we saw even in an environment where there is more water, that the bushfires still abound, we are indeed a ‘sunburnt country’ only it isn’t always just the sun doing the burning!Burnt_remains Burnt_pods And then of course, so like Australia…….and what I love so much about it…..the polarities….only an hour from where I took these photos I found this in a lush area of myrtle trees in a rainforest area……..Forest_floor



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