Yesterday, I sent some parcels overseas & interstate & posted some other mail, when I went out to do some errands.  Although I had the contents of the parcels wrapped up, I didn’t have any postal bags, & I carried mailing labels with me to ‘assemble’ at the post office.  I also had some Christmas gifts to return (books), some accounts to pay & few other errands to do (in short, I REALLY had my hands full, with all sorts of paperwork & bits ‘n’ pieces), when an odd thing happened. 
The MORE important errand of the day was to have dispensed a ‘prescription’ (order from doctor for medication) for my DH……when I went to get it from the Chemist, I had lost it along the way.  I retraced my steps, went back & searched through the returned books, went everywhere I had gone, searched the car, called incase I had left it on the counter at home, etc,……………NO Script!…………..So, I can only assumed I have sent it off travelling with my mail…… perhaps it will come back ‘altered’ after it’s world wide travelling experience and I shall start a new world wide art trend………….ALTERED PRESCRIPTIONS!! LOL!!

I can hardly believe Christmas has come & gone already & we are starting another working year…….2007……my life seems to be rushing past my face!  I was out with our daughter & Princess ‘L’ last night, on above mentioned shopping trip………she is SUCH a darling, stopping the foot traffic where ever we go!  She is a chubby little cherub at the moment……people stop us to talk & comment about her along the way as she vocalizes  loudly, making sure that no one can ignore her!  She is rolling over, dragging herself along, & very smily  & engaging ALL the time.  Yesterday she started some solids (rice cereal)… needless to say, I am TOTALLY besotted with her and there is no question about it, she has her ‘Pa’ (my DH) wrapped around her little finger already.  If she asked him for the moon, he’d be off working out how to get it for her!  Here she is asleep on her Nonna’s ‘ample bossom’!



Little Toby is growing in leaps & bounds……here are he & Ellie together, he is nearly as big as her (considering that there is 4 months difference between them, there is not alot of difference in their size)…I can’t believe that he has grown so much!   He is over 12 pounds, so has put on 4 pounds in weight in only 6 weeks!  He is smiling, & holding his head up (some of the time).  Everyone said that he’d loose his hair, (still a wonder to behold), but he hasn’t.  It has lightened a little & is more chestnut brown, than as dark as when he was born & is showing the odd ‘red’ highlight.  He doesn’t even resemble anyone from our side of the family though, our daughter-in-law’s gene’s have definitely predominated…… perhaps, at last,  we shall have another artist in the family (her father is Archibald Prize winning artist, Robert Hannaford)Toby_at_6_weeks_web


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