This one is adapted from Eric Maisel’s 30 ways to wake up your inner artist.

‘work effortlessly or work with difficulty.  Your way is your way.  BUT WORK.’  GROW CREATIVE IN YOUR OWN IDIOSYNCRATIC WAY.

How do you work creatively?  What process do you go through to come up with a ‘finished’ product?  (I put ‘finished’ in commas because it is common for me to go back on something that I considered finished, if I find an embellishment on my wanderings that adds to a composition)  Can you identify it?  What is your process, your style, your rhythm?  See if you can identify how you work……..then either love it or loose it……..accept how you are & embrace it, or change it to a different way of working.

For me, I am your consumate ‘hunter & gatherer’.  I MUST ‘hunt & gather’ for a project BEFORE I can commence it.  I don’t decide ‘today I will work in my art journal, or make some ATC’s or a canvas…….FIRST I have some sort of (always for me) visual inspiration…….colours, displays at a shop, textures of something in nature, graphics, an image, a greeting card………even advertising that comes as junk mail………Then I go through stamps, papers & embellishments I already have to add to it…….and it progresses from there.  I regularly go through phases where I am not ‘friends’ with my ‘piece’ then I add another element or finish, & the tide turns, & I am excited and inspired with how it looks…….& I am on the way again.  I am on the ‘hunt’ for pirate things at the moment -the subject of my next art journal pages!


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  1. Keron I love you thoughts on being creative writings very inspiring. I feel I am a bit like you in approach,I go through everything I have, end up with a mountain of stuff, and work from there, & with painting there are always times when I want to pitch it.

  2. I ended up buying the book via Amazon & I have been reading it over the hols. Another good one that I got was Fearless Creating by Eric Maisel….some of his techniques & suggestions are a little wierd, but some interesting & thought provoking stuff in there.

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