I must start my ‘THOUGHTS TO PROVOKE CREATIVITY’ with something that changed my artistic life.  Those that have seen or been involved with my Queen of Swaps site (click link at the side where it says ‘Join a Swap’) will know & recognize this story, but it bears repeating here, just so that it sets the scene of where I am coming from.  Charlene, an online friend from another art group related a story from the book ‘Art and Fear’ to the group a while ago & it has totally changed my approach to ‘arting’. It goes something like this………….

In one of my favorite books about the process of art (Art & Fear by David Bayles & Ted Orland) there is a study cited that is interesting. A ceramics class is told by the professor that they can either be judged by the quantity of work turned in over the semester or the quality of one piece. The students who chose "quantity" would turn in their pieces at the end of the term. The pieces would be weighed and they would recieve a grade based on the total weight. The students who chose "quality" would turn in one piece, and be graded on that one piece. The students who chose "quality" spent most of their time planning, plodding, incubating, and designing their one perfect piece. The quantity students just kept turning stuff out. The surprising outcome was that the very best work came from the "quantity"students.

The moral of the story?  JUST DO IT!!  Skills, techniques & creativity is honed in the caudron of practise:- I have used it as an ‘art ethos’ ever since……………..joining swaps & projects when the topic interests me, which stretches me, keeps me creating & gives me a starting point to create.


Rustication_web_2 Soulful_rust_web_1Crystalized_rust_web_2I made these three  4 x 4" canvases on a ‘play day’ with my art friends.  I wanted to create some depth & texture & wasn’t quite sure what to use.  I settled that morning on using candle & antiquing wax & things from my bits ‘n’ bobs jar.  I literally made it up as I went along, I certainly don’t think that it’s my best work, however, it helped me move forward using wax in compositions & wax is something that I regularly integrate now.


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  1. I also have that book Keron (Art & Fear) and that passage was the one that absolutely struck me the most too! I have repeated it often to my art group friends…it’s just SO true! Some people’s biggest fear is the fear of getting started…just jump in I say!!! lol I’m like you too….a hunter/gatherer….and love it!

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