Arc of Life Journal


Well…finally…. the ‘dreaded lurgy’ seems to be passing, my head has stopped throbbing & I can move more than arms length from the tissue box……… things are looking up!!!  Feeling a little better, last night & this morning, I ventured into my studio to do something a little creative……..As I have mentioned before, I am a part of a Round Robin Art Journal project.  Essentially 12 people are participating, each of whom has selected a subject, made a journal, done some work in it on the topic, then sent it travelling around the world.  Each participating artist recieves a journal each month to make a contribution in.  They are quite varied in style & topic……This one belongs to my art pal Cynthia from Kansas, & I recieved it before Christmas, I did the moons & stamping before I went on holidays, & I wanted to integrate ‘planting with the moon cycles’ or something like that, but I didn’t know quite how to do it, and although I found information on it, I couldn’t find anything that Arc_of_life_journal_web inspired me artistically.  I have been practising my drawing while I was away, & I just thought, oh well, I’ll have a go, I always try to assess what is the worst case scenario,  in this instance, I’d do the page again, or replace it (there is no one else’s work on the other side), but to be honest, I am pretty happy with how it came out, despite my limited drawing skills (which is all the more intimidating because I am doing it in someone’s journal who actually CAN draw (shivering timidly)………

I scraped Gold Wax on the textured paper to start with, then stamped using Pigment ink.  After this I drew in the Moon Cycle in chalk, then the flowers using Beeswax pencil my final step for the illustrations was to touch up with Twinkling H2O’s.  Last of all I spritzed the page with gold & brown patina………and voila……done!  These are the pages before I put the book back together.  Once I had re-assembled it, I found that more of the ‘fold’ section showed than I anticipated, so I added a bit more detail in there. & in the bottom LHS corner.

Arc_of_life_journal_page_lhs_web_2 Arc_of_life_journal_page_rhs_web_1

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