AS PROMISED here are some more ATC’s, ……..I am still unwell with this stupid cold/fluey thing…….it is 2.30am; about 40 degrees celcius, my nose is running like a tap, & the LASTA_romantic_notion_web thing I feel like doing is Daddy_dear_web Help_needed_web

Signs_of_horses_from_the_north_web   creating something!

Stock_order_webThe_search_for_the_perfect_corset_web_1 One of my Christmas gifts was a Wall Lenk Embossing minature heating tool, which claims to be ‘the World’s best Cordless Heat Gun’.  I thought this was going to be sensational.  My DH is ALWAYS pinching my heat gun & I have replaced it several times, then his wears out or gets lost on a job site, & AGAIN, he comes in and takes mine……..I really thought this was a good too small for his purposes, & one that was small & portable, not needing AC power – perfect for me!  It’s quite a tiny little thing, & uses Butane lighter fluid to work, but seriously – for $50 AUD……….I’d give it a miss……….I can blow hotter than this thing!  I will return it from whence it came!  On with the holiday stories………my next post will be about our day at Binalong Bay at the ‘Bay of Fires’ on the north east coast of Tasmania.


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