BINALONG BAY is not marked on the map above, as it is really quite a small little place, you’d find it at Dsc00024_1 the top right hand corner of the map above St Helen’s, but before Gladstone, along the coast.  We had a lovely day here.  We had fresh raspberries & cream from a local provender, & spent hours walking over the rocks & wondering at the marvels we found in the rock pools.  This is where the rocks are lined with this rusty orange powder, as discussed earlier, and the colour is really quite spectacular.  I have already posted pics on our first day back from the rock pools, however, I must comment again about the seaweed… was a phenomenon to behold!  Seaweed_from_the_triffords As I mentioned previously, it looked like something that came from Captain Nemo’s ship or from some fantasy world, I half expected that if I squinted, I would find mermaids or little sea nymphs amongst it! The photograph gives you no indication of scale, but the ‘fronds’ were about 4 – 6 ins (100-150mm) wide, & very long, upwards of 2 metres (4+ ft).  The bigger pieces at the end scaled up accordingly and looked like small saucers.  The colour was predominantly murky olive, however there were rose & yellow highlights where it must have been impacted by light or something.  My DH spent alot of the time upturning rocks, delighted at the ‘treasures’ he found underneath.  During his ‘adventures’ in the rocks, he caught a glimpse under one of the rocks of quite a large crab, well…………the hunt was on, like any blue blooded Aussie male (I say this tongue in cheek, as he is Slovenian), he was like a 8 year old at the circus for the first time!  It was really funny to watch!  As crab moved from rock to rock, DH would up end it & disturb it each time ……finally the crab went under this really big rock, completely undetered, DH sized up the rock, moved the smaller rocks around it & got ready for a power lift!!!  Over went the rock, only to find the crab moved on to the next one! Crab_hunt_1 Crab_hunt_2 Crab_hunt_3 Crab_hunt_4 Crab_hunt_5

Needless to say, he kept going until he finally caught it. 

And then, after the thrill of the chase & a victory to him, there was nothing left to do but release it & watch it scurry under another rock!  Quite a humourous exercise in maleness!!!

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  1. There is still a little boy inside every man isn’t there.Don’t you just love the colour in the rocks behind him.
    I hope I didn’t offend you with my last comment I didn’t mean to.
    Look forward to more photo’s and stories.

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