New_year_herald_web_1                                                                                                                                                                                                     ATSecret_moments_among_the_records_web_1 LAST (you say!) she is postPensive_bride_webing some Angelic_dreams_webART……..well…….here are a Looking_to_2007_webfew of the ATC’s I did while I was away, my DH Angelic_reflections_web_1was wonderful, allowing me to take as much of my art stuff as I wanted, however, I always found there was something I had left at home.  This stalled me for a few days, then I thought, ‘this is ridiculous, I am surrounded by great stuff………just make SOMETHING!!  I took with me a ‘desk top box’ I have that I store little bits’n’pieces of off cuts and small imagery I have cut out, or has been sent to me, so I just fossicked through it until I found something that inspired me & went from there.  None of them are great works of art, but I KNOW that great works only come out of process………..I have more to post over the next few days, I am adding bits to them I didn’t have with me……….but now for some more travelling tales…………introducing BURNIE, on the North West Coast of Tasmania.


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