A New Year & A New Look


Well………….we are back from the land of the ‘Taswegians’ (a colloquial term we ‘mainlanders’ use for the people even MORE down under!).  The first thing I did (AFTER I HUGGED MY GRANDBABIES WHOM I MISSED DESPARATELY) was change the look of my blog………..a NEW YEAR………..a NEW LOOK. 

As I was away, there was no chance to say it, but I trust you all had a great festive season. The whole ‘blogging remotely’ thing didn’t work for me at all………I plan to investigate that better before I leave on my next jaunt (Italy in May).  I will be away for a month then, and will have lots of fun and exciting things to report, and you just don’t catch it up in a single post at the end of such a long time.

We had a relaxing time, punctuated by highlights that I’ll share with you over the next few days.  Tasmanina is such a peaceful place, there are roads that are long and winding about the coast & mountainous 4WD style in the wilderness.  This trip we didn’t explore much of the west side, which is more of the wilderness & rainforest area, we stuck mostly to the eastern beaches and towns. The beaches in Tasmania are spectacular…….wild & clean, I believe they rival anything in the world for beauty, however as Tasmania is a cool to moderate climate, ‘sunlovers’ who usually associate with beaches don’t really think of them.  For us, who love walking along the waterline, we had these breathtaking beaches all to ourselves…..……just stunning.  Below is 9 Mile Beach on Freycinet Peninsula, beautiful endless white sand and crystal water that stretches forever.

9_mile_beach_1 Of course another of our fav. places in Tasmania is the famous Bridstowe lavendar farm.  It has been in operation since the mid 1800’s and they still use alot of the original ‘sorting and batching’ machines and pressing methods to extract the essential oil.  Both DH & I love to have it in an oil burner in our bedroom at night, it helps us both to sleep and makes the room smell lovely.



Contemplation_1 This is my DH contemplating on the rocks at ‘Bay of Fires’ on the North east coastline.  The rocks have this orange ‘alge’ that grows on them (it’s like a dry powdery moss) which we are told is an indication of how healthy and clean the area is as this only survives where it is so.  It gives the rocks a look of iron ore, and the orange is offset by the sparkling deep blue of the water, it is really a sight to behold.  It is not an area that is overly visited as access is awkward, we found seaweed that looked like sea monsters & triffids, or something out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea…..whole beaches of shells & rock pools that looked like jeweller’s windows they were so delicate & sparkling….really fascinating & beautiful. 

Beauty_in_the_small_things Beauty_in_the_small_things_beads 

We had movie marathons on the hot days as nothing much other than the cinemas in Tasmania is airconditioned (as their climate is a moderate autumnal tone most of the year) We saw Blood Diamond, The Pursuit of Happyness & The Queen.  Blood Diamond was incredibly graphically violent, which was difficult to bear at times, however the underlying story was captivating and I guess if you can handle the odd masacre en masse, it was a good film.  The Pursuit of Happyness was a heartbreaking story of Will Smith’s character re-inventing Pursuit_of_happyness_banner himself & the transformation that took place as a man failing in life decided to change his life direction for the better.  I loved it and will see it again, my Darling Heart is so compassionate for the weak, he struggled with the hardship portrayed & the pain the main character went through to succeed.  Pursuit_of_happyness_will_chris_pic Of course he triumphed at the end, however, it would have been a bit nicer to spend 5 minutes at the end of the film enjoying his success with him, instead of it being text in the credits after the film ended.  The Queen:  well……….what can I say………Helen Mirran (who plays the Queen) is amazing in her portrail………..it was a bit documentary styled, & entertaining for a first time, but I don’t think I’d see it again.  We also saw the new Bond film (quirky…….. but NO-ONE will replace Sean Connery…..to quote Goldie Hawn…..’he’s 200 years old & he is STILL a stud!!) AND ‘Holiday’…….this was light weight, but fun, my fav. holiday pick!Holiday_banner 

I managed to get some art done, but nothing ground breaking.  I did some line drawing & sketching, attempting to improve my drawing skills (a fruitlessly pointless effort)  I made some ATC’s, but got frustrated in the end, being unable to finish things with the bits and pieces I bought. (I’ll post some scans later when I unpack them)  I also started working on my new book which is in very sketchy draft form at the moment. 

That’s all for now, the washing & unpacking are calling…..& can you believe it…….I woke up after a delicious sleep in my own bed, to a head cold……..how can that be?????  Our holidays have been so relaxing! (sniff, snivel)


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  1. You sound like you had a great time and Tasmania is a wonderful place.
    As I was born in Tasmania but now living in Canberra I can really appreciate your photo’s.
    I look forward to seeing your creative work again.

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