Our First Christmas


Our_first_christmas_web Well….what a delight….our babies at Christmas.  Here they are….Eleanor Grace 5 1/2 months & Toby Caleb 2 1/2 weeks.  What a joy & delight.  As much fun was had with the wrapping as the presents, which was exactly what we were expecting.  I was THOROUGHLY spoilt in the presents department, with an 80gb iPod….for those that don’t know what this is…it’s the thing you see lots of young people have plugged into their ears…primarily used for storing & downloading music, however I want to use it to transfer my photos on to when Abby & I go to Italy in May 2007, so I am using it in Tamania as a test run.  Sensational gift!  I also recieved some great art supplies, some inspirational books & a light weight travel tripod (again with our Italy trip in mind) & our Christmas trip to Tasmania (only 2 more sleeps now!).  I also recieved a beautiful Florentine letter opener………hmmm……….much spoiling….was good!


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