Away, Away


Tasmanian_wild_flowers_web We will be away on holidays in Tasmania from 27th Dec to 14th January.  I hope to be able to post remotely, but I am still on my ‘L’ plates with some of the functions here, so I am not entirely confident that I will be able to do it.  It doesn’t seem THAT complicated!! (famous last words)  To start with, we are staying at Scottsdale in the north east corner of Tasmania near the Bay of Fires (which is a little remote) until 3rd Jan for some totally isolated R & R. I am not sure what will be available there, but after that we move down into the capital city, Hobart, and we will be right near the centre of town and although it is not much bigger than a small country town on the mainland, I am sure there will be an internet cafe there somewhere.  I intend to take reading & art stuff, DH always needs alot more sleep than I do, so even when we are out & about, I still have about 4 extra hours in my day than he does.


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