A Christmas Quilt


Pic_with_title_web_1  Here it is, the distraction that I’ve been telling you about, Toby’s Cot Quilt, wrapped & under the tree at long last!  It’s a riot of colour, which is a bit scary for some, & a huge departure from your traditional pastels, which is how I did Ellie’s (mostly because I knew her gender).  It is made from a very simple block that starts with a 4 inch square in the centre & is wrapped around with 2 inch sashes to form an 8 inch block.  If I hadn’t been under the time pressure that I was, it would have been fun!  Toby_sleeping_in_colour_web

Here is a new pic of darling little Toby.  He is such a big boy already, (NO, I am still NOT over his volume of hair…………where did this child come from????)  Only 2 weeks old on Friday and already he is one pound or 500gr over his birth weight.  He is literally growing in leaps & bounds.


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