Well……………..I lost the plot with the calendar about the 20th when I could no longer keep up with a daily creation as work seemed to impinge on every waking moment, & the small amount of time that I have had, I have spent trying to finish off Toby’s quilt for Christmas……….so no paper arts this week!  We have also been renovating………..I am the proud owner of a new laundry, new cabinets in my kitchen & new display cabinets in our family room.  It seems pretty ridiculous, ‘cos that’s what we do all week for other people, but we never get around to it for ourselves, our things remain in stacks on the floor or in boxes or old shelves, salvaged from somewhere!!! LOL!!!  Every time DH DOES do something for us (last time was new kitchen 2 years ago) it is always AFTER everyone else, so it always means a Christmas deadline, rushed & cleaning & sorting at the last minute.  Here it is nearly midnight, Christmas Eve, & I am only just sitting down, and that’s because my feet are NOT co-operating any more!!

Ellie & Jess have been around today & we have been cooking & preparing for tomorrow…..Princess ‘L’ is SOOOO vocal now, her new noise is ooooooooow…it’s very funny to hear.  I think that I am more excited than the kids!!  So I finished the quilt…….(I will post pics soon)….I haven’t had very good feedback from those who have seen it, so I am feeling a bit anxious about giving it………but oh well…………it’s done now!

TO all my sweet art friends……….I wish you the best festive season & a 2007 FILLED with great inspiration for beautiful creations!


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