Quilted Angels


19_quilted_angels_web While this may seem a funny title for a Christmas Page………I spent the non working hours of this day (4am – 7am yesterday & 10.30pm – midnight!!!) working on the babies quilts for Christmas.  Ellie’s is all but finished, I am just attaching the binding………..but I have only just finished the quilt top for little Toby’s.  I got the fabric ages ago, however I got stuck on the whole gender thing……..things for babies seem to be either gender specific…..or pastel………& I couldn’t get inspired.  I eventually ended up using the fabrics that I started out with anyway…….so that was all wasted productivity time……..oh well…….who can figure the mind of an artist?!??!

This patchworky pieces on this page are the colours I have used in Toby’s quilt……the image is from an art friend (?Suze?) & the card is rubbed down with Harrison Bell gold leafing powder.  I spilt it on my work table the night before last & it’s migrated everywhere…..it is hard to clean up, I will just have to throw out my plastic cover sheet over my table, so I just turned the page over once I had stuck the images on, & rubbed it all around in a circular motion.  It (of course) looks much nicer in the flesh……….soft & etheral.


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