Star Light, Star Bright


17_star_light_star_bright_web This page was one of those ones that evolves, and you add & add to it, and you are never quite happy with it.  I started out with the stamp from Above the Mark (which I love), but it didn’t come up as nicely as I’d hoped on the paper I had chosen for a village background.  Then I thought…..I’ll emboss it to give it a bit more dimension………..hmmm……..not really moved after that……..I started on my night sky…………..which is a combination of fuzible webbing & embossing powder melted on to paper.  My PT art buddy Kelsey told us recently of a technique she used with hemming tape…..& it reminded me of how I used to do this to create snow on christmas cards & random foliage on big trees………after I botched that up a bit with embossing powder everywhere, I had blown the ‘stars’ (silver glitter) away & generally were just left with a blotchy looking black patch instead of the wonderous sparkly black sky I imagined when I started.  Oh well…..add paint, add oil, add some jewels & my dreamy girl & here it is!!     Off to church now, Princess ‘L’ is to be the star of the show today as she is prayed a blessing over by our Pastor.  More below & pics later.

People have asked in the last little while what a ‘Dedication to the Lord’ is & why Princess ‘L’ is having a blessing prayed over her.  For her mum, its standing up and making a commitment to raise her right & with good moral character & to be an example that she will want to follow.  For our Little Princess…… is a prayer of blessing, protection and direction for her life.  For us it is our commitment to be a ‘back stop’ in her life to be there as a ‘life parachute’……..should either of them ever need it.


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