A Note to Santa


16_a_note_to_santa_web This page has been primarily made with pens & chalk on a Hot off the Press paper.  When our son (the new dad featured above) was about 8 we moved into a house on 22nd of December.  His primary concern about this new house was that the house we were moving from had a ‘chmnee’ for Santa to come down, and that the house that we were moving into did not.  He suggested with a seriousness that only an 8 year old can muster…..then we will have to leave the key out for Santa to get in!  The door handle is from 7 gypsies, the tag is from Collections & the key is a genuine old one (from a clock I think, it is quite small)

Well……..how can it be???  ‘Little’ Toby was a week old yesterday!  The visiting maternal & child health nurse was suitably impressed as he had put on more than 6oz in weight & is sleeping about 5 hours straight during the night.  What a little blessing.  And little Princess ‘L’ is holding her own bottle, reaching out for things & about to be ‘dedicated’ to the Lord tomorrow at our morning church service.  Wow, last night we went to a function as a family & as I watched my kids & new little grandies around me & saw my DH interacting with them both, I just felt SOOO fulfilled.  Children are definitely a blessing. (though I am the first to admit there are certainly days in any child’s life that their mother at least toys with the idea of sending them back!)


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