Trim the Tree


14_trim_the_tree_web Only 12 more sleeps until I can be ‘Mother Christmas’ ooooo I love it……..esp. with my new grandbabies for the first year.  They certainly make you feel younger, they are SOOOO special.  My kitchen is full of wrapping, my art studio floor has all bags of presents that I have ‘accumulated’ through the year (I commence my Christmas shopping in January) & I am beginning to load the stockings & fill under the tree with wrapped presents.  I absolutely KNOW, commercialism is NOT what Christmas is about, but for me, there is nothing better than to give…….and THAT is what it IS all about!  To give to our loved ones, to give to the needy, to give to the unknown.  I would encourage you to go to your local shopping centre & take a tag off one of those big trees that are organized to give to charities to distribute presents to the needy.  Go out and buy a SPECIAL gift……give your BEST, give of your self……..then wrap it beautifully & take it to the tree.  There is an amazing sense of fulfillment & delight in helping someone unknown.  It’s like a pleasant little secret.  I have involved our children in this since they were very little.  I am proud to now see them doing this themselves.  Although I know that I TOTALLY over do Christmas, we CANNOT forget that there are others that need us to give them a helping hand to salvage some of their pride & self respect. 

This page involved the ‘sacrifice’ of a couple of snips from my Christmas wreath! to make the ‘branches’ for my ornaments.  I TOTALLY obscured the text…..then I covered the letters of ‘fourteen’ & felt obliged to add a number somewhere……oh well……..the over all page looks ok!

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