Let them Eat Cake


13_let_them_eat_cake_web Well………….this piece kinda evolved…….as I said earlier, I am using the Cosmo Cricket Christmas Postcards in this project & it was they that dictated the original size.  One of them is a piece that has snow flakes on it & the text, ‘I’m dreaming of……..’ well the ‘White Christmas’ doesn’t work here in Oz (see ‘All about the Land Downunder’ catagory in the side bar if you don’t understand what ‘Oz’ means).  On the day I was creating this………it was 41 degrees Celcius with bushfires raging across our state!!  So I thought, hmmmm, I’ll add cake to it!  The colours didn’t work, I hated it, I added some more stuff to it, I STILL hated it……………..FINALLY I threw the whole mucking fess into the bin & started again!!  Now it is on Basic Grey ‘Fruitcake Stripe’ and it is much happier!!!  I have used ‘Alpha Structures’ letters – painted & waxed, Scrapbooking Scene numbers, & frinkles to embellish.  The recipe stamp is from Paper Artsy & the definition is from an old dictionary……..a great ‘find’ at only $1!!! (LURVE to find a good bargain……….it is sooooooooooo satisfying for such an accomplished shopper! LOL!)


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