Gather ’round the Christmas Tree


8a_gather_around_the_christmas_tree_webNo Christmas count down would be complete without a significant Christmas tree.  We ALWAYS have a fresh pine tree, I am not sure how that figures in the whole environmental thing…….(aren’t pine trees a weed???)……but Christmas in our house is always accompanied by the delicious smell of fresh pine needles.  I know that they make amazingly good ‘fake’ trees now, however, I just can’t bring myself to ever buy one.  It’s GOT TO BE REAL FOR ME!!!

This page is made from a Christmas card from my dear friend Lynne, who embarked on this whole ‘Christmas Calendar’ trek with me.  I saw her (FINISHED) calendar last night & it is a wonder to behold.  Mine is still a work in progress…..I am keeping up with the date, a few days ahead, so that when baby comes, if I don’t get to do art for a couple of days, I will still be on track.  I didn’t ever think that I’d have it finished totally by Christmas I intend to do a whole lot of journalling in it with Christmas memories on it, and hope that ONE of my children will be interested enough to keep it for their family.


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