Hark the Hearld Angels Sing


7_hark_the_herald_angels_sing_webAnother re-cycled Christmas card for day 7….with SUCH a delicious image……in the flesh it is SOOOO ethereal. I have used antiquing wax, oil pastels (mmmm….Sennelier)& a little paint for tones & effect.  It is pretty obvious from the scan that ‘HARK’ & ‘SING’ are stickers & ‘the herald angels’ are a rub on, (I have a choice of alphabets in rub ons) however dispite sanding & scratching I had a lot of trouble making the rub ons stick….this is the best that could get them. The no. 7 is from ScrapFX. 


The night has come & gone here – and alas………..NO BABY………..I know these posts are supposed to be about wonderful Christmas art, but all I can think about is our new little grandie……….’the kids’ have lovely names picked out……….Toby Caleb & Madeline Eve………either will be great!  Poor darling was bumped from the hospital list last night, so hopefully, she will be able to go in today to be induced tomorrow………I am only the GRANDMA!! (well, the Nonna)……….Mum to be is in a FAR worse position.   After studying her tail off to complete all of her uni course just in time for baby to arrive, she has been sitting marking time for 3 weeks and WHOA……..she is SOOOOOO over it!

The other art that I have been working on lately is a journal from my paper traders RR (Round Robin) journal project.  The topic of this journal (there are 12, and they are all different) is something old, the originating artist has made some lovely pages with vintage styled images & bits ‘n’ pieces….so I followed suit.  My page is about an early pioneering merchant, exploring new frontiers & horizons in search of new places to buy & sell.Captian_of_industry_web I have recycled an old jigsaw puzzle for this work.  I think that the scale of it is a bit big for the page, but it works ok.The image was made from a Cartes de Visite.

Cartes-de-visite were small visiting card portraits (usually measuring 4 1/2 x 2 1/2") introduced by a Parisian photographer, Andre Disdéri, who in late 1854 patented a way of taking a number of photographs on one plate (usually eight), thus greatly reducing production costs. (He was not actually the first to produce them; this honour belongs to an otherwise obscure photographer called Dodero, from Marseilles). These were used as love tokens and visiting cards.  They date in  Australia from approx. 1870’s to around 1910/15.  You can find them for sale about the place, the cost $5 or $6 AUD each usually.

Lhs_page_web_2 Rhs_page_web_2

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