6_ho_ho_ho_web No Christmas calendar would be complete without a jolly Father Christmas…..this cut out is from an old greeting card.  Forever, I have kept ones that have nice images on them.  (Actually, I have every card ever given to us for about 15 years boxed up in the attic!) Give it another 10 years or so & these will be nostalgic!  I created a page of Christmas Words for our Christmas Play Day a couple of weeks ago, & I couldn’t resist including this famous Santa poem.  I created it in MS Illustrator & it is printed on Bazzille card stock.  The gorgeous HoHoHo is from Memory Makers & the black letters are from our own Melbourne company ScrapFX.  I love these letters, they come in various styles & sizes, as well as numbers, you’ll see them often on my work.   

In theory, we may have a baby tomorrow as Darling Heart has to ring the hospital tonight if there is ‘room at the inn’ (how ironic at Christmas!)…anyways, if there is a hospital bed available, she will go in tonight & be induced tomorrow……if there isn’t room, she will call tomorrow to see if there is a place……if not then……….Friday……..ahhhhh, waiting, waiting, waiting………..On the other hand, gorgeous Princess ‘L’ is 4 months old today.  Wow……….4 months!  It has been trials of ups & downs for the first 10 weeks as our daughter was very unwell & had to have subsequent operations, but they are both blooming now.  What a chubby little ‘chop’ she is now.Asleep_with_nonna_web She is a bit stuffed up at the moment & starting to teeth.  Her favourite thing is playing in her rocker with a hanging bright coloured felt rabbit that has a soft jingly (non annoying) sound inside, & blowing very dribbly ‘raspberries’ at whom ever will look! Here she is asleep on my chest a couple of weeks ago, taken by me with my phone.


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