We 3 Kings


3_we_3_kings_w_gold_web_1 OF COURSE day 3 must be……….the 3 kings!!  The kings are cutouts from gorgeous Christmas cards (why send them all away?)  In fact I have a bit of a stash of ones that I have saved that particularly appealed to me, I have decorated them with jewels & gold leaf.  The text cut out at the back was from a sheet bought to our Christmas play day by Jenene (thanks honey)

Well, the news is that by THURSDAY………only 4 more sleeps, we will have a new grandbaby, if not before.  Our daughter-in-law who is now 10 days overdue to have their baby is booked in on Wednesday night to be induced to labour if she hasn’t gone in before that.  WOW……….it’s going to be a sensational week.  Princess ‘L’ was all excited today as we put up our Christmas tree.  The whole house smells like pine……..oooooooo……..it’s such a lovely smell!


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