Counting Down the Days


1_oh_holy_night_webWell, as promised, here it is the first page of my ‘Counting Down the Days’ Deco.  It’s a kind of an ‘advent’ calendar just for fun.  When our kids were little we had a cot sized quilt that had a little bear on it and every day from December the first the bear ‘looked’ in a different place to try to find Christmas.  (Which of course ended at the Christmas tree on 24th)  I guess this is sorta like that.  I have just promised the quilt to my daughter (if I can find it!!!) for her to have for her little girl, Princess ‘L’.  As I mentioned a few posts ago, it is in 6" x 4" format, primarily because of the size of the Cosmic Cricket ‘postcards’ that I am using to write family Christmas memories on.  These have been integrated into the deco, between the decorated ‘day’ pages.  I made the first card ‘oh holy night’ as it is my very fav. Christmas song.  What’s happening at your HOUSE???  Do you have a busy time just before Christmas, or are you a 1st of December person………….I USED to be a 1st of December person………NOW I mostly just work.  I used to have all my Christmas cards made & written, my Christmas tree up & my house all ‘Christmased’ on 1st December.  It was lovely.  In contrast, today I SAW Christmas trees available (we always have a real one) but as I was working & wasn’t going to be home for ages, it would mean it would dry out in the car……..yada, yada, yada,…………….I hope I can get to it tomorrow…….who knows!


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