Is there a TIME?


We have been visited here in Melbourne by the sensational U2 & my son & his mates went off to see them on Saturday night.  I LOVE their music & their message, however I am past standing in a ‘moshe pit’ waiting in line with thousands of screaming fans……….oh no, signs of aging creeping up…..(well, that’s not entirely true, I have never been that keen on huge concerts, I am more a ‘live at a cafe’ style myself)…………anyway, he came back to his (still) very pregnant wife showing off his blurry phone camera shots & tried to explain to us the amazing light show. They bought an amazing message of peace, harmony & co-existance with fellow-man.  We were blessed to have them here.

Mean while, back on the home front, I decorated my 2007 diary today, as I need to start putting some dates in it.  It is interesting, how different it is than my 2006 one……..but you’d want that wouldn’t you!!?!?!  I have used the new Cosmo Cricket papers I told you about last time, these ones are from the ‘Love Notes’ range.  Soft layered mauves & turquoise & pinks………delish!  I also used my fav. 7 gypsies rubbings……….these are so delicate though, I have found from experience that they need to be sealed to last in a real life application (ie anything other than in a scrapbook layout under plastic!) so they all have a liberal dose of Mod Podge to seal them.

NOTE TO SELF: mount glossy magazine pages BEFORE splodging them with Mod Podge!!! (my fav. glue/sealer for my diaries (they get a bit knocked about)

I love the soft lavander colour on the cover of this diary, & it reminds me of one of my fav. places in our country, Tasmania, (only 38 more sleeps ’til we visit again) so I couldn’t resist running with that theme.

Diary_front_2007_with_rub_ons_web  Diary_back_2007_with_rub_ons_web



Here is 2006 diary…….again, picked by cover colour (after the inside configuration was sorted……I love these diaries, this is my third year using one they are made by Debden [Tuscany Range]…….not too big & bulky, but a strong cover to lean on and will stay opened flat…….I use week to an opening for my personal diary & day to a page for our day book)

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….is there anyone out there in Blogging world that can help me with the alignment of these pics????? this is SOOOOOOO frustrating!!!


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