Not long now……


Well, it’s not long now until little grandie no. 2 arrives.  I can bearly go 24 hours without seeing Princess ‘L’ so I don’t know how I will manage with another one!!! LOL!!  I feel passionately protective in a way that I was not anticipating.  The ‘kids’ (my 25yo son & his wife) are convinced they are having a boy, ‘cos they don’t have a girls name they can settle on………..seems fairly rational thinking from a 39 1/2 week pregnant woman!!!  SO, Toby Caleb it is for a boy, so far…….well I guess the mystery will be solved soon enough……..poor darling, she is SOOOOO over it, & her blood pressure is high too, which doctors are keeping a close check on……My new friend Sally is due just a couple of weeks later on 14th December, & she doesn’t know the gender of her baby either…….another great surprise in store!!!!  What an amazing year of new life this has been and it is not over yet!

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