A VERY sacred cow….Vegemite


I have recently been asked (once again) about one of Australia’s fav. things….Vegemite.  Vegemite is honoured and revered here.  It is a black/very dark brown paste that is actually a sandwich spread.  We use it for sandwiches (with cheese, or lettuce), toast, dry biscuits, with eggs, I use it to make gravy & meatloaf.  (not to be confused with the not so tasty vegetarian alternative…. marmite) It is made from beef & yeast extract & is high in Vit. B. & it is a bit salty.  It is the consistancy of Ultra Glue.  I believe it has recently been banned in the US because of the folate content, however, you won’t find a ‘true blue’ Aussie home without at least one jar of it!

The few Northern Hemispherer’s I have introduced it to have liked it, once they had instructions.  You apply it VERY thinly.  A little goes a long way……….hmmmmmmmmmm delish, my mouth is watering thinking about a big slab of fresh snowy white bread with lashings of cool butter & a smear of vegemite, sitting up at my Nana’s kitchen table.   YUM! 


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  1. Oh, dear and I was going to wax nostalgic on Marmite’s atributes. I went to college in London and Marmite has been a stable in my house since. I have not had the pleasure or oportunity to have Vegemite. Perhaps someone can smuggle it inn for me….it sounds wonderful.
    Love your blog and your art.

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