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Life_behind_closed_doors_web Motoring_reflections_web The_perfect_housewife_web  Venitian_style_web_1 Winter_memories_webthese are my most recent ATC’s…….which may be the last for a little while.  I am about to enter into a Spiritual Sojourn for 21 days, commencing from midnight tonight, ending on 30th November…………… will include ART in some form or another, but firstly I am not sure what form that will take and secondly, it may not be for be public sharing.   It will be interesting to see what comes out of this time………I have 2 art days planned during this time………13th & 25th November, other than those days, I will wait to be lead in a particular direction before I work on anything…….& my feeling on the matter at this time is that I will be working with paints…………..a medium I currently only use for backgrounds & building layers & texture.  I will post my ‘deep & meaningfuls’ from this time in the ……….’continuation’ sections so you will have to click on them on purpose to read further.  I hope not to offend anyone………this is a place I need to be right now………….

I am not sure how many people have heard of a ‘Daniel Fast’.  It is spoken about in the bible & it is where David & his men were bought into the King’s palace & were told basically to eat what was before them.  It was the best diet of the day which was rich meats & foods bought from the finest provenders in the land.  When Daniel refused to eat it, the overseer who was worried about the possible consequences of this supposed ‘food deprivation’.  Daniel negotiated with the overseer that there be a trial period where he & his people would eat according to the requirements of Judaic Law & that their health be compared to the other people in the palace after that time. 

At the end of the time, not only were Daniel’s men fitter & healthier,  Daniel had amazing clarification & insight into his path & was able to help other’s with the information that became known to him.  I guess in layman’s terms it is a ‘detox’ no meat, caffine (oh, I shall miss my coffee), deserts, carbonated drinks, etc, & to then spend some dedicated time in prayer, study & meditation.  I believe some good things for my life will come from this journey.  My purpose is to join with other’s from my church in this endevour………all of whom are looking to God for direction & clarification for their lives & future.   

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