Art & Architecture ATC’s



The_russian_master_web_1 The_russian_student_web_1                        This_season_in_paris_web Wednesdays_lessons_web Yesterday, I had a ‘run around’ day visiting various work sites, so I took some time out to make some quick ‘pit-stops’ throughout the day visiting some of my fav. ‘inspirational’ shops & haunting a couple of Op shops (trash & treasure shops) for any interesting old bits & pieces & texts that I can use for my art.  I picked up a couple of old buttons & bobs, & a couple of books.  The exciting one was a text book on Russian prose from the ’50’s.  So last night, I got busy making some ATC’s for the aforementioned Art & Architecture swap on my Queen of Swaps blog ( )  I used the prose book & some of DH’s Russia bits, which he was thrilled about as I had him collecting imagery & Ephemera for me & he handed it to me when he got back like a treasure!!!

I enjoyed doing the tiny format so much that I am about to start another one………….I am ‘hunting & gathering’ at the moment, seeing what I come up with to make one either about Florence, Rome or Venice……….I was at a workshop at the time that I made the Paris one & the images were material at hand.  The other thing that I am working on is a ‘flip’ calendar for home for the lead up to Christmas, I am hoping it will be a bit of a family treasure cos I intend to write special Christmas memories on the backs of each leaf, it is in 4" x 6" format & I am using ‘Cosmic Cricket’ papers (a brand I just discovered at our recent paper show).


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