Paris Minuet

Here is a slide show of the detail of my tiny little Collections (TM) mini book.  It is hard to tell the level of detailing & layering that is involved in each tiny leaf, most have at least two imagary layers (Collections & vintage dictionary [thanks Greta]), and then are embellished with rub-ons (7 gypsies) my own labels & words, & metal charms & bits.  Again, it is difficult to get a sense of size from these pics, & I REALLY didn’t want to spoil the show by putting a matchbox in it, but this is about the smallest thing that I have worked on! 

On the home front, things are humming along, our daughter-in-law is VERY over being pregnant & says on an hourly basis ‘I can’t wait to meet my baby’ LOL………….we dutifully stroke her arm & tell her there isn’t long to go now…….about 18 days ’til she is due.  Princess ‘L’ is SOOOOO SOOOO cute right now……..(alas, already) she is beginning to teath, & has dribbly, bubbly smiles & googles & coos when you talk to her.  She has a rocker & a play mat at Nonna’s (which of course she will share with her cousin when he/she is born) & she loves both of them. She get so excited & kicks away furiously at the toys above her, all the while, trying to catch them and pull them to her mouth.On_the_play_mat We are entering our ‘twilight zone’ business wise, which basically means everyone works manic hours completing renovations for our clients ready for their Christmas celebrations……….then recover with ours!!!

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  1. thanks for your devotion Ange, I was VERY surprised how much I enjoyed this project, usually I find really small things tedious, but this was great, I added a little each time I came into my studio, it was fun!

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