Life after Industria


Acacia_argyraea_web Acacia_johisiini_web Dora_always_dreamed_web A_windy_day_web My art buddy Ab & I had a fun session last night creating paper treasures.  She is working on a ‘colour journal’ working through the colour wheel with a page of mixed media collage for each colour.  She is quite meticulous, (as well as an amazing artist) and it is justs beautiful.  Abby was working on a delicious green page that made me want to paint something…….. I, on the other hand, ‘Ms Slap Dash, Tear-Everything, Splog Paint & Glue Everywhere’, was working on ATC’s………After I had finished Industria, I had planned on completing a ‘Specimen’ series that was based on botancials, but after doing 2 last night, I was really bored with them (though I am happy with how they look) so I made these other 2 that are completely unrelated, the one from Turner’s painting will be the start of my ‘Art & Architecture’ swap cards, (more info about this swap at: ) made from scraps & bits on my table.  They are titled Dora Always Dreamed (of becoming a Bird) & A Windy Day (the ship image is from Turner’s original painting………well a glossy card of the original painting!)

On the home front….DH’s health is still not quite right (tummy bug) from Russia….only 3 weeks til grandbaby No 2 arrives……..YAY, more cuddles & kisses & love to share…………Princess ‘L’ is just gorgeous (of course) & of course our puppies are growing & good fun……….6 weeks old now……..they will be off to their new homes at the end of November………..


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