The last of Industria for now


    these areIndustria_botanical_web_2 the last for a little while now, of my Industria series, inspired by Julie Van Oosten’s new styling & materials I picked up from our recent Paper Arts Show in Melbourne.  Industria_adventure_web_3They are titled: Industria Botanical; Industria Section 8 & Industria Adventure.  As you can see, from Industria Adventure, I have started to loose the ‘plot’ a little, resorting back to my ‘layered, weathered look’ with torn edges………..True Collections’ style is straight, sharp edges that are ‘inked’ to give a Industria_section_8_web_1worn look, for myself, I don’t cut straight every time, so tearing ALWAYS works for me.  I have rusted up lots of chipboard, so I expect to work with it a bit more, however, not in quite such a structured way.  All the same, it is lots of fun to explore the style of others.  Thanks Julie for your inspiration.


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  1. The “Specimen” card is one of the best I have ever
    seen! I LOVE that one. It’s just perfect, IMO. How great that you
    got to learn a new technique and then go your own way with it.

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