The Beginnings of Gallipoli


It has taken a couple of days to get the new swaps blog sorted & we have a new look here. I quite liked the other header, however the formating was rather limiting, so here we have a new look, so that both blogs are in sync. I am working on a page in my ‘A Time in my Life’ art journal at the moment as a record of my work in Mary’s journal…… is all about ANZAC’s. I have some of my Grandfather’s original records & have used photocopies of these on the page. It is still emerging and feels a little ‘raw’ right now. I have the key imagery in place, but it needs some ‘depth’ and I haven’t quite decided how I am going to do that yet. I have used my fav. Paper Loft paper as the backdrop to the page, and the imagery is a combination of bits ‘n’ pieces, I have collected. Stamps are Collections…….those numbers work so well……..
rub ons are 7 Gypsies……….one of my other loves! Have a great day…………big day at work then off to see The Devil wears Prada………….should be a fun night.
ps the scan is a bit dodgy, but don’t have time to do it thoroughly this morning……… to WURK (sob)

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